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November 09, 2023

Martial Arts Class Tips: Prepare for Your First Lesson

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Taking your very first martial arts class, from MMA to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, can be intimidating and you may not know how to prepare for it. UFC Gym Vietnam has a few tips to help you get ready!

Deciding to take up a martial art is a big decision and requires huge amounts of both physical and mental effort. Classes will be intense and challenging and some may wonder how they will overcome their difficulties and feel confident on the first day of class. The only answer is preparation!


As with any new experience, it is normal to feel nervous. Some members of UFC Gym admitted that, before their first martial arts class, they felt extremely anxious which lead to sleeplessness, causing them to be tired when it came time for their session the next day.

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A lack of sleep can be highly detrimental, not just to the practice of martial arts but to general health as well. Not getting enough sleep will cause you to be tired and slow your response times, two things that are not conducive to any form of martial art and will most likely make your first class more difficult.

So, relax and try to go to bed early to ensure your body is well rested and will have enough energy to power through your first day.


According to experts, the way we dress affects us psychologically and so choosing an workout outfit that you feel confident and comfortable in is important.

When practicing martial arts, clothing should be sweat absorbent and elastic enough to stretch with the rapid movements associated with the sport. You should also feel comfortable with what you are wearing as if you are not you may spend most of your time focusing on your discomfort or adjusting your clothing.


Drinking water is a vital part of any athletic activity as it helps to balance out all the water lost from sweating. Taking a break to drink some water during practice will also give you time to calm your thoughts and plan your strategy.

Make sure you take a water bottle large enough to hold enough water necessary for a high intensity workout to your first class and every one following that. If you are feeling stressed or low in energy during the class, take a break and a sip of water to reenergise yourself before continuing.


There is a wide range of martial arts, each at varying levels, being taught at UFC Gym. Make sure you do your research and select the class and skill level that best suits you need

Come in to UFC Gym and consult with one of our highly trained, professional coaches who will help you choose the right class for you. We can also design an exercise program beyond martial arts that suit your specific individual needs. UFC Gym is dedicated to bringing the best fitness experience possible, across all areas.

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