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November 09, 2023

Don’t miss LEEP ASIA 2017 – Vietnam’s first Life Enhancement Expo! Jul 10-12, HCMC.

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Don't miss LEEP ASIA 2017 - Vietnam's first Life Enhancement Expo! Jul 10-12, HCMC.

5 Reasons Not to Miss LEEP ASIA 2017 - The First Life Enhancement Expo in Vietnamth anniversary of “Making Life Better” in Vietnam, they are launching LEEP ASIA, which will take place across 3 days in August 2017. UFC Gym Vietnam lists 5 reasons why this exciting event is not to be missed.

LEEP ASIA will take place from August 18-20 in Ho Chi Minh City and is expected to draw 8,000 people. This exhibition is an industry first and will feature leading fitness, entertainment and aesthetics brands. This event will be the first to showcase trends, technologies and innovations related to improving one’s quality of life, including media, nutrition, equipment and medical services (both beauty and longevity.)

3 Days of Entertainment

5 Reasons Not to Miss LEEP ASIA 2017 - The First Life Enhancement Expo in Vietnam

LEEP ASIA will be held at the 7th Regional Military Stadium from August 18-20 and will feature a range of exhilarating activities and shows. Not only is this the first fitness, entertainment and beauty exhibition in Vietnam, LEEP ASIA will offer a variety of diverse attractions that can appeal to anyone, such as fashion shows, fitness classes, keynote speakers and a Muay Thai competition.

Bodybuilding Contest

5 Reasons Not to Miss LEEP ASIA 2017 - The First Life Enhancement Expo in Vietnam

Tamer El-Guindy, President of Muscle Contest

At LEEP ASIA, for the first time, Vietnamese bodybuilders will have the opportunity to participate in the Muscle Contest, a bodybuilding competition that was founded in America by Tamer El-Guindy. The two winners of the LEEP ASIA Muscle Contest will go on to represent Vietnam in the international version of the contest. In addition, each winner will receive 200 million VND. This event is not to be missed by anyone who is passionate about bodybuilding in Vietnam.

The Super X Prize

Among the series of exciting events is the Super X Prize drawing and announcement of the winners. The Super X Prize is an award program launched by CMG.ASIA in May as a way to thank all the loyal members and clients who have supported the company over the past decade.

This is not only a way for CMG.ASIA to show its gratitude, it is also a way for the company to make life better for all those involved. The total prize value is over 5 billion VND and includes a Jaguar Prestige, 2 Ducati 821’s and 4 roundtrip business class airfares to any major city in Europe on Turkish Airlines.

A Focus on “Making Life Better”

This Expo is not only about fitness, entertainment and beauty, it also offers seminars and workshops from major brand leaders in the industry. The topics of these sessions will revolve around the latest trends and technologies for leading a better quality of life. Attendees will have the chance to meet and talk with industry leaders in order to draw inspiration and motivation.

Special Guests

One of the major drawing factors for this event is the participation of innovators and leaders who have influenced the fields of fitness and entertainment in Vietnam. CMG.ASIA will host its annual Fitness and Entertainment awards as part of the expo, aimed at honouring individuals who have positively contributed to change in the community by “Making Life Better.”

LEEP ASIA is not just a way for CMG.ASIA to be proud of its past and thank all the loyal clients and staff who have been a part of the company’s success, but also a way to continue to develop and grow for years to come. More details on LEEP ASIA 2017 and the Fitness and Entertainment Awards is coming soon!

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