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November 10, 2023

Top 4 Martial Arts for Maximum Self-Defense

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Top 4 Martial Arts for Maximum Self-Defense

More and more people wish that they knew how to defend themselves if ever faced with a dangerous situation. Since we strongly believe in being safe anywhere and anytime here at UFC Gym Vietnam, here are our 4 martial arts for optimal self-defence that you should give a try.


4 Types of Martial Arts for Optimal Self-Defence

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Boxing is a great form of martial art that can help you in unforeseen situations and aid in greatly increasing your overall strength. All you need in boxing is one good swing and you will have probably done enough to defend yourself. Achieving such automatism and precision will need many hours of training and practise however, once you will have learned the skills, you will be able to handle yourself in many unforeseen circumstances. Since you can’t use your feet in boxing and you can only use your hands, you will be able to throw punches with great speed, power and accuracy.

Muay Thai

4 Types of Martial Arts for Optimal Self-Defence

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As well as practising other martial arts, almost all UFC fighters train in Muay Thai and for good reason – Muay Thai is one of the best martial arts that any person could learn for optimal self-defence. Known as the “the art of eight limbs,” Muay Thai is one of the only martial arts to focus on eight points of contact, relying on the precise use of elbows, fists, knees and feet to deliver explosive strikes. Muay Thai fighters are extremely disciplined and respectful of their opponents however, when facing an unforeseen situation, this discipline will teach you how to effectively strike or injure an opponent in order to be able to run away from the situation you were in. Learning the national combat sport of Thailand can help make you feel safe and ready to face any situation.

Krav Maga

4 Types of Martial Arts for Optimal Self-Defence

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Known as the ‘The Art of Staying Alive,’ this Israeli national martial art and official Israeli military (IDF) self-defence system, focuses on movement efficiency and threat neutralization. Rather than focusing on endless solo-drills, Krav Maga emphasises reality based training where the aim is to neutralize your attacker as quickly as possible, omitting any rules that are seen as wasting time. This martial art is all about encouraging you to act instinctively and defend yourself against one or a few attackers by striking and defending yourself simultaneously. Like any martial art or skill, practise makes perfect however, in only 3-6 months, you will develop faster reflexes that will enable you to analyse a situation much more quickly. Krav Maga may seem complex at first sight but this discipline was designed to be simple and easily executed.


4 Types of Martial Arts for Optimal Self-Defence

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Aikido has been hailed as one of the top martial arts to use when in survival mode or for self-defence. This Japanese martial art is less popular than its counterparts but it is undeniably very effective. Rather than focusing on kicking and punching your opponent, Aikido teaches you to use your opponent’s aggressiveness and energy to control them or put distance between you and them. Along with this system, Aikido will teach you to use joint locks, strikes, throws and submissions, both when on the ground and when standing. Developing those reflexes won’t be easy, however, once learned you will build incredible awareness of distance and position and you will know how to react exactly to any situation with a specific throw or lock.

4 Types of Martial Arts for Optimal Self-Defence

Feeling inspired and ready to acquire your own set of self-defence and survival skills? Regardless of your level, learning a form of self-defence will help you to feel, and be, safe. Come into UFC GYM for more information from our dedicated professional trainers or to try a free trial class!

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