Due to high-handed and unannounced censorship at WordPress — about what they don’t say, so I can’t fix it — my Tentaclii blog (about the life and work of H.P. Lovecraft) is now abruptly suspended there. I have now re-located the blog to http://www.jurn.org/tentaclii/ Please update your links. The blog works as before, though some older images are at present missing. If anyone has a full local archive of Tentaclii on their PC, I would appreciate a Dropbox .ZIP with just the site’s images.

For those who can do search/replace their blog or site, this is what you need to change all your links:

Search: tentaclii.wordpress.com
Replace: jurn.org/tentaclii

The new blog’s RSS feed is now: http://www.jurn.org/tentaclii/feed/

Those who were WordPress subscribers to the old site will now need to subscribe to the new one, which will be continuing as normal.

Thanks for your continuing support, and especially my Patrons at Patreon and those who can donate via PayPal.