Journal of the Imaginary and Fantastic
Vol. 2.  No. 6.  :  The Necronomicon.



The Journal of the Imaginary and Fantastic is a free full-text 'overlay' ejournal, making a creative intervention into academic publishing in the arts & humanities. Think of it as a cross between a remix album, and 'fantasy football' for academics.

All copyrights remain with the originators of linked works. Citations should reference the linked sources.


Vol.1 No.1  (2009). 'The Werewolf'.
The first issue, on the theme of the werewolf in visual culture.   Full-text.

Vol.1. No.2  (2009). 'Miyazaki'.
The second issue, on the theme of the animated films of Hayao Miyazaki.   Full-text.

Vol.1. No.3  (2009). 'Cloud Studies'.
The third issue, on the art, culture and history of looking at the clouds.   Full-text.

Vol.1 No.4 (2009) 'Maps'
The fourth issue on maps, mapping, and the imagination.  Full-text.

Vol.1. No.5  (2009). 'Mirror...'  
The fifth issue, on mirrors and screens.   Full-text.

Vol.1 No.6 (2009) 'Talking Animals'
The sixth issue on talking animals, and humanimals. Full-text.

Vol.2. No.1  (2010). 'Machinima'.
The seventh issue, on machinima's first decade. Full-text.

Vol.2 No.2 (2010). 'History of Lovecraftian studies and fandom'
The eighth issue. Full-text.

Vol.2 No.3 (2010). 'H.G. Wells's The Time Machine'.
The ninth issue. Full-text.

Vol.2. No.4  (2011). 'Deep Maps'.
The tenth issue, on Least-Heat Moon's ideas on 'Deep Maps'. Full-text.

Vol.2. No.5  (2012). 'Cloud Atlas'.
The eleventh issue, on the novel and movie of Cloud Atlas. Full-text.

Vol.2. No.6  (2014). 'The Necronomicon'.
The twelfth issue, on H.P. Lovecraft's The Necronomicon. Full-text.