Architecture and place

A|Z : ITU Journal of Faculty of Architecture.
A+B : Architecture and the Built Environment.
ABE : architecture beyond Europe.
Aether : journal of media geography.
Alam al-Bina.
Architecture Week.
Architectural Histories.
Archnet-IJAR : International Journal of Architectural Research.
ARENA : Journal of Architectural Research.
Ars Orientalis.
Articulo : Journal of Urban Research.
Athens Journal of Architecture.
Body, Space, and Technology.
Building & Stonemasonry (partly in English).
Built Heritage.
Charrette : Ass. of Architectural Educators (AAE).
Cities in the 21st Century.
Cities People Places.
City Review, The.
Copper Architecture Forum.
Cornell AAP.
Countryside Recreation (ORN journal).
Ecclesiology Today (church buildings).
Enquiry : ... journal of architectural research.
Environmental Design : ... Islamic Environmental Design ....
Fabric Architecture.
Focus : conservation of the built environment.
Frontiers of Architectural Research.
Golf Course Architecture.
Harvard Design Magazine.
Horizonte : journal of architectural discourse.
JILA : Journal of The Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture.
Joelho : journal of architectural culture.
Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture.
Journal of Public Space.
Journal of Urban Design and Mental Health.
Landscape Architecture and Art.
Landscape Review.
Magnolia : ... Southern Garden History Society (1984-2009).
Mimar : Architecture in Development.
MoCo Loco: modern contemporary design & architecture.
mu . dot : magazine for urban documentation ....
New ARCH, The.
Newsletter of the Aga Khan ... Islamic Architecture.
Nexus Network Journal : Architecture and Mathematics Online.
Noise : Theory and Practice.
On Site.
On the Waterfront : on-line magazine on waterfronts, public art.
Organizational Aesthetics.
Place and Location.
Planum : the Journal of Urbanism.
Research in Urbanism.
RIAS Quarterly (architects in Scotland).
Rural Landscapes.
Sacred Architecture.
She Ji : Design, Economics and Innovation.
Space and Culture, India.
Space, The.
Spaces of Identity.
Spool : architecture and the built environment.
Suburban Sustainability.
Tasmeem : design.research.connect.
Underground Space.
Urban Design Quarterly : Journal of the Urban Design Group.
Urban Morphology (1997-2007).
View : journal ... Library of American Landscape History.
Vitruvio : Architectural Technology and Sustainability.
World Architecture News.
World Architecture Matters.

Design and crafts


Theatre and dance

Music : pop and rock

Music : classical, choral and brass

Music : musicology

Accelerando : Belgrade Journal of Music and Dance.
Alkan Society Bulletins.
American Musicology Society Newsletter.
Association for Chinese Music Research.
Audio Critic (audio production tools).
British Postgraduate Musicology.
CAML Review.
Carl Nielsen Studies.
Computing in Musicology.
Critical Studies in Improvisation.
Critical Voices.
Croatian Musicological Review.
Current Research in Jazz.
Danish Yearbook of Musicology.
Diagonal : ... Iberian and Latin American Music.
Ecomusicology Newsletter.
eContact! : Online Journal for Electroacoustic Practices.
Empirical Musicology Review.
EOL : Ethnomusicology OnLine.
Ethnomusicology Review.
Ethnomusicology Translations.
EURASIP : Audio, Speech, and Music Processing.
Eunomios : ... Theory, Analysis, and Semiotics of Music.
Folklore and Folk Music Archivist.
Found Sounds : UNCG Musicology Journal.
Gamut : Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic.
Gender, Education, Music, and Society.
GuanDu Music Journal.
Hz Journal.
IASPM@Journal (Int. Assoc. for the Study of Popular Music).
Indiana Theory Review.
In Theory Only.
JEMS : Journal of Experimental Music Studies.
Journal of Creative Music Systems (computers in music).
Journal of Jazz Studies.
Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy.
Journal of Music and Meaning.
Journal of Music History Pedagogy, The.
Journal of Research in Music Performance.
Schenkerian Studies.
Journal of Sonic Studies.
Journal of Texas Music History.
Kapralova Society Journal : A Journal of Women in Music.
Kiel Contributions to Film Music Research.
Min-Ad : Israel Studies in Musicology Online.
Music & Anthropology.
Music & Science.
Music + Practice.
Musicae Scientiae.
Musical Offerings.
Musicologia Austriaca : Journal for Austrian Music Studies.
Musicologica Brunensia.
Music Performance Research.
Music & Politics.
Music / Technology.
Music Theory Online.
Musicological Explorations.
Musicology Today.
Musicology Today (archives).
MusiCultures (four year paywall).
NABMSA Newsletters (British Music Studies).
NEMO : Near-Eastern Musicology Online.
Newsletter of the American Musicology Society.
Nota Bene.
Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology.
Performance Practice Review.
Periodica Musica (1983-1991).
Phenomenon of Singing, The.
Polish Music Journal.
Popular Musicology Online.
Radical Musicology.
Savart Journal.
Screen Sound.
Silk Road Journal, The.
Society for Eighteenth-Century Music Newsletter.
Sound Effects.
STM / STM-Online / STM-SJM.
Swedish Journal of Musicology.
TheMA : Open Access Research Journal for Theatre, Music, Arts.
Theoria : Historical Aspects of Music Theory.
Translingual Discourse in Ethnomusicology.
Welsh Music History (1996-2004).

Music : education and therapy

Arts management and education

Visual Arts : contemporary

Visual Arts : regional contemporary

Visual Arts : art history

19 & 20 (20th c Brazilian art).
ABO : ... Women in the Arts, 1640-1830.
Aesthetics (Japanese Society for Aesthetics).
Anastasis : Research in Medieval Culture and Art.
Arara : Art and Architecture of the Americas.
Ars Orientalis (Middle East, India, Asia, partly open).
Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum (Sweden).
Art History & Criticism.
Art and Research.
Artl@s Bulletin.
Art Conservator.
Art History Pedagogy & Practice.
Arts in Society, The (1958-1976).
British Art Studies.
Bonhams Magazine.
Bulletin of the Uni. of Michigan Museums of Art and Archaeology.
CLARA : Classical Art and Archaeology.
College Art news.
Contemporaneity : historical presence in visual culture.
Different Visions.
Digital Art History.
emaj : electronic Melbourne art journal.
Heliotropia : an online journal of research to Boccaccio scholars.
Hemisphere : Visual Cultures of the Americas.
Heritage at Risk and also here.
Historical Report of the Detroit Art Museum (to 1960).
IFLA — Art Libraries Section Newsletter.
Image [&] Narrative.
Int. Journal for Digital Art History.
Institute of Conservation News (ICON).
Journal 18 : journal of eighteenth-century art and culture.
Journal of Antiques and Collectables.
Journal for Art Market Studies.
Journal of the Archives of American Art.
Journal of Art Historiography.
Journal of the Catalogue Raisonne Scholars Association.
Journal of Surrealism and the Americas.
J. Paul Getty Museum Journal, The.
Korean Art Society Journal.
Kvartal : Chronicle of Croatian Art History.
Les Carnets de l'ACoSt : Association for Coroplastic Studies.
Materia : Revista d'Art.
MAVCOR : Material and Visual Cultures of Religion.
Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin.
Metropolitan Museum Journal.
Muqarnas : an Annual on the Visual Culture of the Islamic World.
Nordic Journal of Aesthetics, The.
North Street Review.
Open Arts Journal.
Perigrenations : Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture.
Old Potter's Almanack, The.
re.bus : a journal of art history and theory.
RIHA Journal: ... History of Art.
Rubens Bulletin.
Spotlight (Kemper Art Museum).
Studia Rudolphina (Rudolf II).
Studies in Visual Arts and Communication.
South African Journal of Art History.
Tabula Quarterly.
University of Toronto Art Journal.
Visual Past.
Western Association for Art Conservation newsletter.

Visual Arts : photography

Media : creation and production

Media : TV and popular culture studies

Aether : journal of media geography.
American Popular Culture.
Animation Studies.
Applied Semiotics.
Belphegor : Litterature Populaire et Culture Mediatique.
Creativity Online.
Critical Arts : ... Media Studies (South Africa, 1980-1992).
Cultural Notes.
Cultural Landscapes.
Culture Machine.
Dialogue : ... popular culture and pedagogy.
Global Media Journal : African Edition.
Hermenaut : ... journal of philosophy and pop-culture.
ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies.
Incite! : journal of experimental media ....
Invisible Culture.
Israeli Journal of Humor Research : an international journal, The.
Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture.
Journal of European television history and culture.
Journal of the Imaginary and Fantastic.
Journal of Popular Romance Studies.
Landscapes of Violence.
Le Journal.
Media Anthropology Working Papers.
Media Fields.
Media History Monographs.
Mediapolis : a journal of cities and culture.
Movement : a media studies ejournal.
Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association Journal.
NECSUS : European Journal of Media Studies.
Popular Entertainment Studies.
Post Identity.
Reviews in Cultural Theory.
SANE : sequential art narrative in education.
SCAN : journal of Media Arts Culture.
Semiotic Review.
SemiotiX Bulletin.
Series : International Journal of TV Serial Narratives.
Shift : Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture.
Slayage : online International Journal of Buffy Studies.
Television Quarterly.
Televizion (children's TV).
Topia (Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies).
View : journal of European television history and culture.
Visual Culture & Gender.
Watcher Junior.
Web Journal of French Media Studies.

Media : communication studies

Media : interactive media

Media : videogame studies

Media : digital literacy and distance e-learning

Media : journalism and publishing

Media : media law and policy

Media : depiction of law and crime

Media : public deliberation and debate

History : general

Agricultural History Society journal.
Associated Students for Historic Preservation (ASHP) journal.
Athens Journal of History.
British Numismatic Journal.
Built Heritage.
ChildCult (History of childhood).
Comparative Civilizations Review.
Conservation and Society.
Constructing the Past.
Contemporaneity : historical presence in visual culture.
CRM : Journal of Heritage Stewardship.
Crime, History & Societies.
Cromohs : ... Modern Historiography.
Culture and History.
Deviance and the Law in Historical Perspective.
Electronic Journal for History of Probability and Statistics.
Esylum (numismatics).
English Languages : History, Diaspora, Culture.
Forum : CalPoly's Journal of History.
Geoheritage (via Paperity).
Gettysburg Historical Journal.
Hesperia (1932-2011).
Historical Geography (to 2011).
Historical Social Research.
History and Historians in the Context of the Time.
History and Policy.
History Matters : An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research.
H-Net Reviews.
History Studies (University of Limerick).
International Journal for History, Culture and Modernity.
James Blair Historical Review.
Journal of Big History.
Journal of Historical Biography.
Journal of Interdisciplinary History of Ideas.
Journal of Philosophy and History of Education.
Journal of the Iran Society (2005-).
Journal of the Numismatic Assoc. of Australia.
Journal of World Prehistory (via Paperity).
Leonardo da Vinci Society (London) newsletter.
Libertarian Heritage.
Media History Monographs.
Oral History Association Newsletter.
Other Modernities.
Past and Future.
Past Tense : Graduate Review of History.
Peitho : ... History of Rhetoric and Composition.
Prandium : journal of historical studies.
Preteritus : a graduate history journal.
Present Pasts.
Public History Review.
Reviews in History.
Saga-Book (Vikings).
Social History.
Studies in Digital Heritage.
View : journal ... Library of American Landscape History.
Visual Past.
Water History (via Paperity).
Waterloo Historical Review.
Washington Historical Quarterly, The.
World History Connected.
World History Review (2007 only).
World Sugar History Newsletter.

History : archaeology

AERA Annual Report (Ancient Egypt).
African Archaeological Review (via Paperity).
ACOR newsletter.
ADIAS Newsletter (Abu Dhabi).
ANMED : ... Anatolia's Mediterranean Areas.
Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey.
Adoranten (ancient rock carvings).
African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter.
Almatourism : Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development.
American Journal of Archeology.
Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia.
Ancient Asia : Journal of the Soc. of South Asian Archaeology.
Ancient Nepal.
Ancient TL.
Annales Instituti Archaeologici.
Annual Report Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes.
Anthropologia Hungarica (1960-1992).
Anthropological Science.
Arabian Epigraphic Notes.
Archaeoastronomy and Ancient Technologies.
Archaeofauna : international journal of archaeozoology.
Archaeologica Adriatica.
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences (via Paperity).
Archaeological Archives Forum Papers.
Archaeological Journal (to 1964).
Archaeological Textiles Newsletter.
Archaeology magazine (partly free).
Archaeologies (via Paperity).
Archaeology and Text.
Archaeology in New Zealand (1957-2011).
Archaeology International.
Archaeometry Workshop.
Archeoloski Vestnik (Acta Archaeological).
Asian Perspectives: ... Archaeology for Asia and the Pacific.
Association of Roman Archaeology Newsletter.
Auxiliary Sciences in Archaeology.
Berkshire Archaeological Journal.
Bioarcheology of the Near East.
British Brick Society newsletter.
British Institute for the Study of Iraq.
British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt & Sudan.
Bronze Age Review (British Museum).
Bulletin of ... East Asian Archaeology.
Bulletin of the History of Archaeology.
Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology.
Bulletin of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo.
Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society (1982-87).
Bulletin of the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society.
Bulletin of the Society for East Asian Archaeology.
Bulletin of the Uni. of Michigan Museums of Art and Archaeology.
CBA Occasional Papers.
CBA Research Reports.
CLARA : Classical Art and Archaeology.
CSA Newsletter.
Center for the Study of Architecture.
Chicago House Bulletin.
Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage.
Cuneiform Digital Library Journal.
Dotawo : A Journal of Nubian Studies.
Debates de Arqueologia Medieval (DAM).
Diadora (Croatia, dual English and Croatian).
Digger, The.
Digital Proceedings ... on Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age.
Discovery and Excavation in Scotland.
Estonian Journal of Archaeology.
Eurasian Prehistory.
European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies.
EXARC Journal (arch. open air museums).
Expedition (1958-2013).
Futhark : International Journal of Runic Studies.
Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology.
Glyphs : ... Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society.
Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies.
Historische Archaologie.
IAOS Bulletin (Obsidian Studies).
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica.
Int. Journal of Historical Archaeology (via Paperity).
International Preservation News.
Internet Archaeology.
Interpreting Ceramics.
Inter-Section (Flash users only).
IpoTesi di Preistoria.
Israel Museum Studies in Archaeology.
Japanese Journal of Archaeology.
Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology (Romania).
Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries.
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (via Paperity).
Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology.
Journal of Archaeology of Northwest Europe.
Journal of Archeology in the Low Countries.
Journal of Archaeological Research (via Paperity).
Journal of Caribbean Archaeology.
Journal of Cave and Karsst Studies (cave art).
Journal of Conservation & Museum Studies.
Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology.
Journal of Maritime Archaeology (via Paperity).
Journal of Nordic Archaeological Science.
Journal of Open Archaeology Data.
Journal of the Polynesian society.
Journal of the G. U. of Arab Archaeologists.
Kush : Journal of the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums.
Kush : Journal of the Sudan Antiquities Service (1953-1957).
LANX (Archaeology at the Uni. of Milan).
London Archaeologist (1968-2005).
Medieval Archaeology.
Medieval Britain and Ireland.
Mediterranean Archaeology & Archaeometry.
Mesolithic Miscellany (1980-2006).
Mesolithic Miscellany (2006-) Mires and Peat.
Museum Archaeologist, The.
NABU : Nouvelles Assyriologiques Breves et Utilitaires.
Natural Sciences in Archaeology.
Neo-lithics: the Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research.
Newsletter of the Association for Roman Archaeology.
Newsletter of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.
Newsletter of the... Study of Iraq.
Newsletter of the Study Group for Roman Pottery (UK).
New Zealand Journal of Archaeology.
NGSBA Archaeology Journal.
North Carolina Archaeology.
Nyame Akuma Bulletin of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists.
Ohio Archaeologist.
Old Potter's Almanack, The.
Online Journal in Public Archaeology Open Archaeology.
PARI Journal (Precolumbian art history).
PAST : newsletter of the Prehistoric Society.
Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly.
PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Northwest Europe.
Palaeontologia Africana.
Papers from the Institute of Archaeology.
Pari Journal.
Papers from the Institute of Archaeology.
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean.
Post Hole.
Prehistory Society of Zimbabwe Newsletters.
Proceedings of ... California Archaeology.
Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society (Reviews).
RAG, The (Roman Archaeology Group at UWA).
Roman Archaeology Group Newsletter.
Royal Archaeological Institute Newsletter (UK).
SAA Archaeological Record.
Saga Book of the Viking Club.
SAS Bulletin.
Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports.
Silk Road.
Society for Archaeological Sciences Bulletin (1995-2008).
Southern African Field Archaeology.
Stanford Journal of Archaeology.
Sudan & Nubia.
Surrey Archaeological Collections (UK).
Sussex Archaeological Collections.
TAARII Newsletter : American ... Research Institute in Iraq.
Technical Research Bulletin.
Tennessee Archaeology.
Terra Australis (Australian Archaeology).
Trans. Leicestershire Arch. and Historical Society.
University of Bergen Archaeological Series.
University Museums and Collections Journal.
Vegetation History and Archaeobotany (via Paperity).
Vestiges : Traces of Record.
Viking Society for Northern Research : Research Text Series.
Virtual Archaeology Review
Virtual Archaeology Review.
West African Archaeological Newsletter (1964-1970).
Wyoming Archaeologist, The.

See also:'s pre-1930s archaeology journals.

History : classical civilisations

Acta Classica (1958-2006).
Adalya : ... Mediterranean Civilizations.
Aegyptiaca : Journal of the History of Reception of Ancient Egypt.
Aeragram : ... Ancient Egypt Research.
Akhenaten Sun, The (Amarna period, Egypt).
Akropolis : Journal of Hellenic Studies.
Akroterion : ... Classics in South Africa.
Ancient Jew Review.
Ancient History Bulletin Online Reviews.
Amirani (Caucasology).
Analecta Romana.
Ancient Narrative.
Aphrodisias newsletter.
Arma : Newsletter of ... Roman Military Equipment.
Assyriological Studies.
Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics.
Birmingham Egyptology Journal.
British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan.
Bryn Mawr Classical Review.
Bulletin ... Jewish Palestine Exploration Soc. (1931-1967).
Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists.
Bulletin of Ancient Iranian History.
Bulletin of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies.
B. of The Amer. Soc. of Greek and Latin Epigraphy.
Bulletin of British Byzantine Studies.
Bulletin of the Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan.
Byzantia Symmeikta (Byzantine Studies).
Byzantinist, The.
Chicago House Bulletin.
CHS Research Bulletin.
Ciceroniana on line (1973, 2009).
CIPEG Journal (Ancient Egyptian collections).
CLARA : Classical Art and Archaeology.
Classical Inquiries.
Collectanea Christiana Orientalia.
Corvus : Journal of Classics and Ancient History.
Creta Antica (ancient Crete).
Distant Worlds.
Diotema : women and gender in the ancient world.
Dumbarton Oaks Papers (1999-2003).
Electronic Antiquity.
Electronic Journal of Ancient Historiography.
Enim (Egyptology).
Epigraphica Anatolica.
Etruscan News Online.
Estudios Bizantinos.
Forma Urbis (epigraphy) and Bulletin.
Fragments : the Ancient and Medieval Past.
Forum Geometricorum (classical geometry).
Graeco-Latina Brunensia.
Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies.
Gouden Hoorn : Journal of Byzantium (1993-1998).
Hellenic Quarterly.
Heritage of Egypt Magazine, The.
Heritage Turkey (British Institute at Ankara).
Hirundo : the McGill Journal of Classical Studies.
Illinois Classical Studies.
INE Newsletter and Notebooks (Inst. for Neohellenic Research).
Int. Journal of the Classical Tradition (via Paperity).
International Journal of the Platonic Tradition.
International Review of Roman Law.
Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture, The.
Journal of Ancient Numismatics.
Journal for Art Market Studies.
Journal of Greek Linguistics.
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.
Journal of Juristic Papyrology, The.
J. of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting.
Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies.
Les Carnets de l'ACoSt : Association for Coroplastic Studies.
Liber Annuus (1990-1999).
Medina newsletter (Mediterranean inscriptions).
Mediterraneo Antico magazine.
Mediterranea : Historical Research.
MELA Notes (1997-2007).
Meroitic Newsletter (1968-2003).
Minerva (book reviews only).
Minos (ancient languages of the Aegean).
Mirablia : ... Journal of Antiquity and Middle Ages.
Monuments and Sites.
Museum Helveticum (Swiss Journal of Classical Studies).
Newsletter of the Association for Roman Archaeology.
Newsletter of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.
Nordicum-Mediterraneum (Nordic and Mediterranean Studies).
Opuscula (journal of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome).
Oriental Institute Museum Publications series.
Oriental Institute News & Notes.
Ostracon, The (Ancient Egypt).
PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology.
Past and Future.
Past Imperfect.
Pegasus : ... Classics and Ancient History (1964-2008).
Petronian Society Newsletter.
Peitho : ... History of Rhetoric and Composition.
Pirradazia : Bulletin of Achaemenian Studies.
Plato Journal.
Pompeiiana Newsletter, The (1974-2003).
Princeton/Stanford Working Papers in Classics.
Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens.
RAG, The (Roman Archaeology Group at UWA).
Rasenna: Journal of the Center for Etruscan Studies.
Roman Archaeology Group Newsletter.
Rosetta Journal, The.
Scholia : Studies in Classical Antiquity.
Shekel Magazine (coins of ancient Judaea).
Sino-Platonic Papers (East Asian languages & civilizations).
Society of Ancient Greek Philosophy Newsletter.
State Archives of Assyria Bulletin.
Studia Antiqua : Journal of the Student Society for Ancient Studies.
Studia Ceranea : ... History and Culture of the Mediterranean.
Studies in the Bible and Antiquity.
Studies in Late Antiquity.
Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity and Classics.
Syrian Studies Association Newsletter.
Teaching Classical Languages.
Thersites : Journal for Transcultural Presences ....
Tyche : contributions to Ancient History, Papyrology and Epigraphy.
UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology.

List of all open Egyptology journals, inc. pre-1945

History : medieval and early modern

Acta Periodica Duellatorum.
Alvissmal (Norse Studies).
At The Edge.
Building & Stonemasonry (partly in English).
Ceræ : ... Medieval and Early Modern Studies.
Comitatus : a Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
Confraternitas (1990-2006).
Different Visions.
Early Modern Culture.
Early Modern Culture : An Electronic Seminar.
Early Theatre : ... early English drama (1998-2006).
Early Modern Literary Studies.
Early Modern Low Countries.
Enarratio : Medieval Assoc. of the Midwest.
Fragments : ... Ancient & Medieval Pasts.
Italique (Italian Renaissance poetry).
Interfaces : a journal of medieval European literatures.
Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Medieval Archaeology.
Medieval Britain and Ireland.
Medieval Feminist Forum.
Medieval Globe, The.
Medieval Prosopography.
Medieval Review.
Medieval Worlds : comparative and interdisciplinary studies.
Mirablia : ... Journal of Antiquity and Middle Ages.
Monastic Research Bulletin.
Monastic Researchers Newsletter.
Neophilologus (via Paperity).
Olifant (medieval Romance epic).
Once and Future Classroom.
Opuscula : Short Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Perigrenations : Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture.
Records of Early English Drama (REED).
Renæssanceforum (in English from 2008).
Renaissance and Reformation (1964-2004).
Research Journal of Germanic Antiquity.
Royal Studies Journal.
Seventeenth Century News.
This Rough Magic.
Variants : ... European Society for Textual Scholarship.
Vulgata in Dialogue.

History : 18th century

History : 19th century

History : maritime

History : exploration and mapping

History : military studies

Acta Periodica Duellatorum.
American Rifleman.
Arma : Newsletter of ... Roman Military Equipment.
Army History.
Board Game Studies Journal.
British Commission for Military History newsletter.
British Journal for Military History.
Canadian Air Force Journal, The.
Canadian Military History Journal (reviews only).
Canadian Military Journal.
Cryptologic Almanac and more articles.
Counterintelligence Readers series.
e-Perimitron (history of map technologies).
Finest Hour : Journal of the International Churchill Society.
Foundations of International Thinking on Sea Power.
Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era.
Gladius (History of arms and armour).
H-Diplo Roundtable Review.
James Jones Journal.
Journal of Perpetrator Research.
Journal of Manly Arts : European ... Combatives, 1776-1914.
Journal of the Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society.
Journal Of Ottoman Legacy Studies.
Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies.
Journal of Terrorism Research.
Medieval Warfare Book Reviews.
Michigan War Studies Review.
Military History Journal (South Africa).
Naval Review, The (British Navy, 1913-1997).
Northern Mariner.
Parameters : United States Army War College Quarterly.
Passport / SHAFR Review (historians of foreign relations).
Polemos : Interdisciplinary Research on War and Peace.
Roman Frontier Studies.
Royal Air Force Historical Society Journal.
Scientia Militaria : South African Journal of Military Studies.
Smithsonian Annals of Flight.
Studia Diplomatica.
Studies in Intelligence.
University of Miami National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review.
World War Two Studies Assoc. Newsletters (1968-2007).

History : science and technology

Aestimatio : Critical Reviews in the History of Science.
Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum.
Acta Geoturistica (geotourism and mining heritage).
Acta Periodica Duellatorum.
Archives for the Philosophy and History of Soft Computing.
Arctic (1948-2009).
Annals of the History and Philosophy of Biology.
British Brick Society newsletter.
BROMEC : Bulletin of Research on Metal Conservation.
Bulletin of the History of Archaeology.
Chemical Heritage magazine.
Chinese Science.
DIO : The International Journal of Scientific History.
e-plastory : journal of plastics history.
East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine.
Electronic Newsletter for the History of Astronomy.
Finnish Journal of Environmental History.
Gladius (History of arms and armour).
HASN : History of Australian Science Newsletter.
Historia Mathematica.
History of Geo- and Space Sciences
History of Meteorology.
History of Physics newsletter.
History of Science in South Asia.
HOST : Journal of History of Science & Technology.
Interpretatio : Studies in the History of Science.
Interpretatio : Studies in the History of Science (alt. URL).
Journal of the Hakluyt Society (History of voyages and travels).
Journal of the Association for History & Computing.
Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage.
Journal of Astronomy in Culture.
Journal of the History of Biology (via Paperity).
Journal of Literature and Science.
Legacy (history of high-energy astrophysics).
Libellarium : journal for the history of writing.
Magic Lantern Gazette.
Monographs in Aerospace History Series.
Notes & Records of the Royal Society (12 month paywall).
Occasional Papers on Meteorological History.
Printing History News.
Rutherford Journal (History of science and technology).
Science Museum Group Journal.
Smithsonian Studies in Air and Space.
Smithsonian Annals of Flight.
Smithsonian Contributions to History and Technology.
Societas Magica Newsletter.
Spontaneous Generations: ... History and Philosophy of Science.
Substantia : ... history of chemistry.
Suhayl : ... the history ... sciences in Islamic civilisation.
Sussex Industrial History (1970-2010).
Techne : Research in Philosophy and Technology.
Terrae Incognitae : The Journal for the History of Discoveries.
Theoria : ... history and foundations of science.
Transversal : Int. Journal for the Historiography of Science.
Water History (via Paperity).

History : medicine

History : business and economics

History : crime and law

History : sports

History : British Isles

Annual Report of the Anarchist Studies Network.
Annual report : Medieval Settlement Research Group.
Association of Jewish Refugees Journal (UK, 1946-2014).
Branch (Britain and representation, 1775-1925).
British Commission for Military History newsletter.
British Journal for Military History.
British Politics Review.
British Studies Monitor (1970-1981).
Bulletin of the Int. Assoc. for Robin Hood Studies.
Celtica : Journal of the School of Celtic Studies (1988-2007).
Celtic Studies Assoc. of North America newsletter.
Conservative History Group journal.
Cuadernos de Filologia Inglesa (Mostly in English).
Cumberland and Westmorland Ant. and Arch. Society Trans..
Derbyshire Archaeological Journal (1879-2012).
Discovery and excavations in Scotland.
Dumfriesshire and Galloway ... Transactions (1852-2006).
Early English Studies.
Early Theatre : ... early English drama (1998-2006).
East Asian Journal of British History.
Enlightenment and Dissent.
Finest Hour : Journal of the International Churchill Society.
Flintshire Historical Society Journal (1911-1976).
Flintshire Historical Society Journal (1977-2003).
Gwent Local History.
Gloucestershire Soc. for Industrial Archaeology Journal.
Gower (local history, Wales).
History West Midlands.
International Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies.
Irish Geography.
Irish Historical Settlement Newsletter.
Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies.
Journal of the Oxford University History Society.
Journal of the Pembrokeshire Hist. Society (1985-2005).
Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland.
Journal of Scottish Thought.
Journal of the Sydney Soc. for Scottish History.
Latchkey : the New Woman.
L'Observatoire de la societe Britannique.
Manchester Region History Review.
Medieval and Early Modern English Studies.
Morgannwg (Glamorgan local history and archaeology).
Montgomeryshire Collections (1944-2002).
National Library of Wales Journal.
Naval Review, The (British Navy, 1913-1997).
Newsletter of the Society for Clay Pipe Research.
Nineteenth Century Gender Studies.
Old English Newsletter (Univ. of Tennessee).
Our Counties : The Association of British Counties Annual.
Oxoniensia (Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society).
Pembrokeshire Historian (1959-1981).
Polish Anglo-Saxon Studies.
Proceedings of the British Academy (1966-2002).
Radnorshire Society Transactions (1931-2004).
Ravon : Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net.
Reports ... Cardiff Naturalists' Society (1900-1981).
Royal Air Force Historical Society Journal.
Rural History Today (British Agricultural History Society).
Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports.
Scottish Studies Newsletter.
Sheetlines (history of O.S. maps).
Studia Celtica Fennica.
Studies in Scottish Literature (1963-2013).
Sussex Archaeological Collections.
Sussex Industrial History (1970-2010).
Transactions of ... Leicestershire.
Transactions ... Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society (1911-1938).
Thomas More Studies.
Victorian Newsletter.
Victorian, The.
Welsh History Review (1960-2001).
Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society.
Y Cymmrodor (Welsh Studies).

History : Europe, Middle East, Russia

Acta Slavica Japonica.
Ajalooline Ajakiri : Estonian Historical Journal.
Articles of the Encyclopaedia Iranica.
Bulletin of the German Historical Institute.
Carl Beck Papers (Russia and Eastern Europe).
Catalan Historical Review.
Connotations : a journal of critical debate.
Dapim : Studies on the Holocaust.
Delta, The.
Demokratizatsiya (to 2012, post-Soviet Russia).
Dimensions On-Line : a journal of Holocaust Studies.
East/West : Journal of Ukrainian Studies.
Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter.
e-Journal of Eighteenth-Century Russian Studies.
Ejournal of Portugese History.
Etudes Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Rousseau studies).
Electronic Journal of Annual Holocaust Conference Papers.
Genocide Studies and Prevention.
German Historical Institute : London Bulletin.
GDR Bulletin (1975-1999, socialist East Germany).
H-France Review.
H-France Forum.
Historical Review, The (modern Greek history).
Historical Contributions (Croatian history).
Hungarian Cultural Studies.
Hungarian Studies.
Journal of Catalan Intellectual History.
Journal of Dutch Literature.
Journal of the Iran Society.
Journal of the Northern Renaissance.
Journal Of Ottoman Legacy Studies.
Lithuanian Historical Studies.
Mamluk Studies Review.
Medieval Jewish Studies.
Mirator : ... electronic journal devoted to medieval studies.
Nordic Journal of Educational History.
Nouvelles Nouvelles (Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage).
Perigrenations : Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture.
Problems of Communism (1955-1990).
Problems of Communism (1955-1992).
Proceedings of the Western Society for French History.
Quest : issues in contemporary Jewish history.
Scandia (Nordic history).
Sederi Yearbook.
S:I.M.O.N. (Wiesenthal Inst. for Holocaust Studies).
Studia Orientalia Electronica.
Studies in Slavic Cultures.
Vestnik : Journal of Russian and Asian Studies.
Werkwinkel : Journal of Low Countries and South African Studies.

History : North America

Abraham Lincoln Quarterly.
Acadiensis (Atlantic Canada, three year paywall).
American Rifleman.
American Studies in Scandinavia.
American Printing History Association Newsletter.
Annals of Iowa, The.
Appalachian Echoes Series.
Book : ... History of the Book in American Culture.
Binghamton Journal of History.
British Columbia Historical Quarterly.
Canadian Journal of History (5 year paywall).
Canadian Military History Journal (reviews only).
Canadian Military Journal.
Colonial Williamsburg.
Common Ground Magazine (National Park Service).
Cultural Resource Series (Bureau of Land Manag.).
Decimononica : 19th century hispanic cultural production.
Emporia State Research Studies (Great Plains).
Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era.
Georgia History Today.
Great Plains Quarterly (book reviews only).
Great Plains Research.
Hawaii Historical Review (1962-1968).
Hawaiian Journal of History.
Heritage (Jewish Historical Society).
Heritage of the Great Plains / Heritage of Kansas.
Historic New England.
Historic New Orleans Quarterly.
Historical Papers : Canadian Society of Church History.
History of Women in the Americas.
Hudson River Valley Review.
Island Magazine, The (Prince Edward Island).
Jonathan Edwards Studies.
John Muir Newsletter (1981-2015).
Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association (six month embargo).
Journal of American and Canadian Studies.
Journal of Backcountry Studies.
Journal of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society.
Journal of Florida Studies.
Journal of New Brunswick Studies.
Journal of Sierra Nevada History and Biography.
Kansas History : A Journal of the Central Plains.
Laffite Study Group Newsletter, The.
Latchkey : the New Woman.
Legacies : ... Dallas and North Central Texas.
Life and Times of Jean Laffite.
Magazine of Early American Datasets.
Michigan Jewish History (1962-2009).
Midwest Archeological Center Studies and Reports.
Midwestern Folklore.
Midwestern journal of language and folklore.
Minnesota History (1915-2009).
Missouri Folklore Society journal.
Newfoundland and Labrador Studies.
Newfoundland Quarterly, The.
New Jersey History.
New Jersey Studies.
Newsboy (The Horatio Alger Society).
Newport History (Rhode Island).
New York Historical Society Quarterly.
New York State Museum Record.
Ohio Valley History.
Pacific Coast Archeological Quarterly.
PAST : Pioneer America Society Transactions.
Passport : ... historians of foreign relations.
Penn History Review (Pennsylvania).
Pioneer America Society Transactions.
Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society.
Proceedings of ... California Archaeology.
Rhode Island Historical Society Collections and Proceedings.
Rhode Island History journal, 1942-2008.
Rochester History.
Scandinavian-Canadian Studies.
Snowy Range Reflections : ... Sierra Nevada History & Biography.
Southwest/Intermountain Cultural Resources Center Professional Papers.
Texas Papers on Latin America.
Wagon Tracks : Santa Fe Trail Assoc. Quarterly.
Whole Earth Catalog.
Woody Guthrie Annual.

History : Australasian

History : Asia, China, India, Africa

Ancient Asia.
Asia Major (1924-2007).
Eurasia Studies Society Journal.
Heidelberg Papers in South Asian and Comparative Politics.
Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology.
Manuscripta Orientalia (three year paywall).
Oriental Institute News and Notes.
Silk Road, The.

Ars Orientalis (partly open).
Bulletin of Sung-Yuan Studies.
China Heritage Quarterly.
China Review, The (1872-1901).
East Asian History.
Freer Occasional Papers series.
History of Science in South Asia.
Journal of Song Yuan Studies.
Saksaha : A Journal of Manchu Studies.
Silk Road, The.
Sino-Japanese Studies (1988-2003).

Britain-Nepal Society Journal, The.
Bulletin of Tibetology.
Contributions to Nepalese Studies.
Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology & Anthropology (Nepal).
European Bulletin of Himalayan Research.
Himalayan Journal of Sociology & Anthropology
Himalayan Research Bulletin.
Journal of Bhutan Studies.
Journal of the Int. Assoc. of Tibetan Studies.
Journal of the Tibet Society.
Voice of History (Nepalese history).

Crossroads : a Journal of Nagasaki History and Culture.
Early Modern Japan.
Sino-Japanese Studies (1988-2003).

Hmong Studies.
International Journal of Korean History.
Journal of the Siam Society (2002-).
Journal of the Siam Society (1904-2001).
Korean Art Society Journal.

Panuval : Journal of Tamil Studies.

Aethiopica : ... Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies.
Historia (Historical Assoc. of South Africa).
Kronos : Southern African Histories.
Rhodesiana (History of Rhodesia).
Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe.

Religion : general

ASIR : Advances in the Study of Information and Religion.
Approaching Religion.
Australian eJournal of Theology.
Australian Religion Studies Review.
Biblical Law.
Collectanea Christiana Orientalia.
Contagion : journal of violence, mimesis, and culture (1994-2004).
Entangled Religions.
Epoche : University of California Journal for the Study of Religion.
Faraday Papers, The (science and religion).
Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet.
HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies.
Int. J. for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society.
Int. Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage.
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (via Paperity).
Issues in Religion and Psychotherapy.
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies.
Journal of the Irish Soc. Academic Study of Religions.
Journal for Religion, Film and Media.
Journal of Markets and Morality (two issue paywall).
Journal of Near-Death Studies.
Journal of Religion and Business Ethics.
Journal of Religion and Film.
Journal of Religion and Health (via Paperity).
Journal of Religion and Society.
Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture, The.
Journal of Southern Religion.
Journal of the British Association for the Study of Religion.
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship.
Liber Annuus.
Literature and Belief.
Marburg Journal of Religion.
MAVCOR : Material and Visual Cultures of Religion.
McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry.
Medieval Philosophy and Theology.
Monastic Research Bulletin.
Merton Annual : Studies in Culture, Spirituality ....
Old Testament Essays.
Open Theology.
Post-Christendom Studies.
Reflections (Yale Divinity School).
Religions : A Scholarly Journal.
Religion & Liberty.
Review of Religious Research (via Paperity).
Sacred Architecture.
Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis.
Secular Culture and Ideas.
Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae (Southern Africa).
Studies in Comparative Religion.
Studies in the Bible and Antiquity.
Studies on Religion and Memory.
Sydney Studies in Religion.
Symposia : ... Study of Religion at the University of Toronto.
TC : a journal of Biblical textual criticism.
Temenos : Nordic journal of comparative religion.
Theological Librarianship.
Verbum et Ecclesia.
Yale Journal of Music & Religion.

Religion : Christian denominations

Acta Theologica.
American Catholic Studies.
American Monastic Newsletter.
Anabaptist Witness.
Asbury Journal, The.
Australian Religion Studies Review.
Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics.
Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice.
Boleswa Journal of Theology, Religion and Philosophy.
Boleswa Occasional Papers in Theology and Religion.
Catholic Education : a journal of enquiry and practice.
Catholic Education.
Chinese Theological Review.
Christian History Magazine.
Church, Communication and Culture.
Churchman (1989 - 2005).
Collectanea Christiana Orientalia.
Contra Mundum.
Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education.
Covenant Quarterly, The.
Denison Journal of Religion.
Denver Journal, The.
Dutch Reformed Theological Journal.
Ecclesiology Today.
First Things.
Global Missiology English.
Harvard Divinity Bulletin.
Historical Papers : Canadian Society of Church History.
HTS Theological Studies.
Holiness (Methodists).
Hugoye : Journal of Syriac Studies.
Humanum Review.
Iesus Aboensis :(Historical Jesus Research).
Integritas: ... Catholic Higher Education.
International Journal of Frontier Missions.
International Journal of Orthodox Theology.
Intermtn West Journal of Religious Studies.
Issues in Religion and Psychotherapy.
Jesuit Higher Education : A Journal.
Journal of Amish and Plains Anabaptist Studies.
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society.
Journal of Icon Studies (Russian icons).
Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies, The.
Journal of Jesuit Studies.
Journal of Moral Theology.
Journal of Religion and Theology in Namibia.
Journal of Southern Religion (southern USA).
Journal of Welsh Ecclesiastical History (1984-1992).
Journal of Welsh Religious History (1993-2004).
Leaven : a journal of Christian ministry.
Living Tradition.
Lumen et Vita.
Lutheran Quarterly.
Methodist History Journal.
Methodist Review: ... Wesleyan and Methodist Studies.
Missionalia : Southern African Journal of Missiology.
Monumental Brass Society Bulletin.
Mormon Pacific Historical Society.
Mormon Studies Review (mirror).
New Theology Review (Catholic).
Old Testament Essays.
Orthodox Observer (Greek Orthodoxy in USA).
OTWSA (Old Testament).
Pastoral Music.
Practical Theology in South Africa.
Proceedings of the AASR Conference.
Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America (1946-2015).
Proceedings of the Friesian School.
Protestant Reformed Theological Journal.
Rose+Croix Journal.
Sacred Music (Church Music Association of America).
Scriptura : ... Theology in Southern Africa.
Seat of Wisdom (Catholic).
Sermon Studies.
Stellenbosch Theological Journal.
Studies in the Bible and Antiquity
Studies in Christian-Jewish relations.
Studies on the spirituality of Jesuits.
TC : Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism.
Textus (Bible studies).
Theology in Scotland.
Thinking Faith : online journal of the British Jesuits.
Tyndale Bulletin.
Vincentian Heritage.
Vulgata in Dialogue.
Word & World (Lutheran).

Religion : Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Pagan

Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions journal.
American Jewish Archives Journal (1948-2012).
American Jewish Yearbook.
Ancient Jew Review.
AJS Perspectives (Association for Jewish Studies).
Canadian Jewish Studies.
CEU Jewish Studies Yearbook.
Contemporary Jewry (via Paperity).
Covenant : the global Jewish magazine.
Dapim : Studies on the Holocaust.
Frankel Institute Annual.
Hebrew Annual Review.
Heritage (American Jewish Historical Society).
ICSM Online Journal (Jewish music).
Genocide Studies and Prevention.
Jewish Bible Quarterly.
Jewish folklore and ethnology newsletter (1978-1986).
Jewish folklore and ethnology review (1987-1996).
Jewish Historical Studies (England).
Jewish History (via Paperity).
Jewish Museum Berlin journal.
Jewish Observer, The.
Journal of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society.
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures  and Archives.
Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy.
Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies.
J. of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting.
Judaic Studies ejournal.
Judaica Librarianship.
Journal for the Study of Antisemitism.
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.
Journal of Septuagint and Cognate Studies.
Kesher (history of the press in the Jewish world).
Khulyot : Journal of Yiddish Research.
Latin American Jewish Studies Association Newsletter.
Mathal/Mashal : Journal of Islamic and Judaic Multidisciplinary Studies.
Melilah : Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies.
Mendele Review : ... Yiddish Literature and Yiddish Language.
Michigan Jewish History (1962-2009).
Newsletter of the European Assoc. for Jewish Studies.
Nordisk Judaistik (Scandanavian Jewish Studies).
Oqimta : studies in Talmudic and rabbinical literature.
Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism.
Quest : issues in Contemporary Jewish History.
S:I.M.O.N. (Wiesenthal Inst. for Holocaust Studies).
Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations.
Tarbiz : A Quarterly for Jewish Studies.
Transversal : Journal for Jewish Studies.
UCSC Jewish Studies Newsletter.
University of Toronto Journal of Jewish Thought.
Women in Judaism.
Zeek : a Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture.

Contemporary Islam (via Paperity).
Contemporary Islamic Studies.
Critical Muslim.
Current Trends in Islamist Ideology.
Dossiers : women living under Muslim laws.
E. Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law.
ISIM Review.
Islamic Review, The (1913-1989).
JD : Journal for Deradicalization.
Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies.
Macalester Islam Journal.
Mathal/Mashal : Journal of Islamic and Judaic Multidisciplinary Studies.
Quatar Islamic Studies.
Transcendent Philosophy.
Waikato Islamic Studies Review.

Bodhi Leaves.
Britain-Nepal Society Journal, The.
Buddhism and Cultural Heritage.
European Bulletin of Himalayan Research.
Hamburg Buddhist Studies.
Int. Journal of Dharma Studies.
Journal of Buddhist Ethics.
Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies.
Journal of the International Assoc. for Bon Research.
Journal ... Int. Assoc. of Buddhist Studies (3 year paywall).
Pacific World : Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies.
Western Buddhist Review.
Wheel, The.

Contemporary Religions in Japan (1960-71).
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies.
Japanese Religions.
Newsletter ... for the Study of Japanese Religions.

Centre of Jaina Studies Newsletter.
Int. Journal of Hindu Studies (via Paperity).
Journal of Bahai Studies (partly open).
Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies (two issue paywall).
Nidan : International Journal for the Study of Hinduism.
Online Journal of Bahia Studies.

Dao (Taoist) (via Paperity).

FEZANA Journal (Modern Zoriastrianism).

Beyond Borderlands : ... the weird, paranormal, and occult.
Esoteric Quarterly.
Journal for Millennial Studies.
Mythological Studies.
Societas Magica Newsletter.
Spirituality Studies.


Anthropology and folk cultures

Aboriginal History.
Aboriginal Policy Studies.
ACME : An Int. E-Journal for Critical Geographies.
Acta Slavica Iaponica.
African Studies Quarterly.
Afrikanistik Online.
American Ethnography.
American Morris Newsletter.
Antrocom : online journal of anthropology.
AnthroGlobe Journal.
Anpere : Anthropological Perspectives on Religion.
Anthropological Abstracts.
Anthropology & Aging.
Anthropological Review.
Anthropology Book Forum.
Anthropology of East Europe Review.
Anthropology of Food.
Anthropology & Materialism.
Anthropology and Photography.
Anthropology of Food.
Antrocom : Online Journal of Anthropology.
Anthropology Matters.
Anthropological Science.
Arctic Anthropology.
Arizona Anthropologist.
Asian Ethnology (formerly Asian Folklore Studies 1942-2008).
Board Game Studies Journal.
Bolivian Studies.
Borneo Research Bulletin.
Britain-Nepal Society Journal, The.
Bulletin de l'APAD.
CJA : anthrojournal (college and undergraduate).
Comparative Mythology.
Croatian Journal of Ethnology & Folklore Research.
Crossroads Asia Working Paper Series.
Cultural Anthropology Cultural Anthropology and Ethnosemiotics.
Cultural Resource Series (Bureau of Land Manag.).
Cultural Survival Quarterly.
Culture & Tradition (Canada).
Deja lu (World Council of Anth. Assocs.).
Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology (Nepal).
Digest : A Journal of Foodways and Culture.
Durham Anthropology Journal and precursor DYN.
Ecomusicology Newsletter.
EOL : Ethnomusicology OnLine.
Elore (Finnish folkore).
Estonia and Poland : creativity and tradition in cultural communication.
Ethnographic Encounters.
Ethnomusicology Review.
Ethnomusicology Translations.
Ethnologia Actualis : the Journal of Ethnographical Research.
Ethnology (3 year paywall).
Ethnological Researches.
European Bulletin of Himalayan Research.
Expedition (1958-2011).
Folk Art (1971-2008).
Folklife Center News.
Folklife Studies.
Folklore and Folkloristics.
Folklore and Folk Music Archivist.
Folklore (Estonian Folklore Institute).
Folklore Forum.
Folklore Forum (1968-2008).
Folklore and Folkloristics.
Folklore and Folk Music Archivist.
Folklorica (Slavic and East European Folklore Association).
Folklore Historian.
Folklorica Folkways magazine (Smithsonian Institution).
FQS : Forum for Qualitative Social Research.
Furthering Perspectives.
Hau : journal of enthnographic theory.
Heidelberg Ethnology.
Himalayan Journal of Sociology & Anthropology.
History of Anthropology Newsletter.
Incantatio : ... Charms, Charmers and Charming.
Int. Journal of Anthropology (via Paperity).
International Journal of Modern Anthropology.
Indian Folklife.
Indian Folklore Research Journal.
Jewish folklore and ethnology newsletter (1978-1986).
Jewish folklore and ethnology review (1987-1996).
Journal of the Center for Northern Humanities.
Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography.
Journal of American Indian Education.
Journal of Anthropological Sciences.
Journal of Astronomy in Culture.
Journal of Business Anthropology.
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology (1979-2008).
Journal of California Anthropology.
Journal of Contemporary Anthropology.
Journal of Ecological Anthropology.
Journal of Ethnographic Theory.
Journal of Ethnomusicology (South Indian).
Journal of Extreme Anthropology.
Journal of Folklore Research Reviews.
Journal of Folklore Research Reviews (alt.).
Journal of Indigenous Research.
Journal of Marine and Island Cultures.
Journal of Tamil Studies.
Journal of the Baltic Institute of Folklore.
Journal of the Folklore Research Department (India).
Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society.
Journal of Visual and Media Anthropology.
Kano Studies.
Kenya Past and Present.
Keystone Folklore Quarterly (1956-65).
Keystone Folklore (Penn. Folklore Soc., 1979-82).
KURI-DR (Dom nomadic cultures in the Middle East).
Ladakh Studies (foothills of the Himalayas).
Locale : Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies.
Lokaratna (official journal of the Indian Folklore Foundation).
Lore and Language (1969-1999).
MAI Review (archives).
Maritime Anthropological Studies.
Material Culture Review.
Material Culture Review (alt.).
Material History Review.
Medicine Anthropology Theory.
Michigan Discussions in Anthropology.
Mid-America folklore (USA).
Mid-South folklore (USA).
Midwestern Folklore (USA).
Midwestern journal of language and folklore (USA).
Missouri Folklore Society journal.
Museum Anthropology Review.
Mythological Studies.
Music & Anthropology.
Namma Janapadaru.
Naniiliqpita (people of the Canadian High Arctic).
Nebraska Anthropologist.
NEMO : Near-Eastern Musicology Online.
New Directions in Folklore.
New Mexico Anthropologist (1937-43).
Nexus : the Canadian student journal of anthropology.
Nordic Journal of African Studies.
Nordic Review of Iconography.
North Carolina Folklore Journal.
Omertaa : Journal for Applied Anthropology.
Open Anthropology Pioneer America Society Transactions.
Pro Ethnologia (1993-2005).
Public Programs Bulletin (AFS).
Quaderns-e : Institut Catala d'Antropologia.
Shima : Journal of Research into Island Cultures.
Sign Systems Studies.
SIECUS Report.
Silk Road, The.
Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology.
Spaces of Identity (change in Eastern Europe).
Studia Celtica Fennica.
Studia Ethnologica Croatica.
Studia Mythologica Slavica.
Studia Vernacula (native crafts).
Studies in Historical Anthropology.
Studies of Tribes and Tribals.
Suomen Antropologi : Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society.
South African Journal of Ethnology.
Southern Anthropologist.
Southern Semiotic Review.
Sydney Studies in Society and Culture.
Tanzania Zamani.
Territorial Identity and Development.
This Month in Mongolian Studies.
Tipiti (lowland South America).
Tradition Today.
Translingual Discourse in Ethnomusicology.
Tribal Arts.
Trickster's Way.
Tuluva (Folk Performing Arts in India).
Venets (Bulgarian local history and folk studies).
Vis-a-vis : explorations in anthropology.
Voices (Assoc. for Feminist Anthropology).
Working Papers of the Open Anthropology Cooperative.
Yale Journal of Music & Religion.

Children's Folklore Newsletter (1979-1990).
Children's Folklore Review (1990-2013).
Recess : the World of Children’s Culture.

Literature : literary criticism

After All.
Alicante Journal of English Studies.
Anglica : Int. J. of English Studies.
Anglo Saxonica.
ABO : ... Women in the Arts, 1640-1830.
Apollonian, The.
At The Edge.
Athens Journal of Philology.
Babel : aspects of English and German Philology.
BARS Review, The (2013 - current).
BARS Bulletin and Review (1996 - 2012).
Beyond Philology.
Books at Brown.
Borrowers and Lenders : ... Shakespeare and appropriation.
Brno Studies in English.
Caliban : French Journal of English Studies.
Canadian Poetry.
Canadian Review of Comparative Literature (1974-2008).
Cincinnati Romance Review, The (1982-2010).
Colby Quarterly (1943-2003).
Contributions to the Study of Language, Literature and Culture.
Criterion : A Journal for Literary Criticism.
Criticism : a quarterly for literature and the arts.
Early Modern Literary Studies.
Early Theatre : ... early English drama (1998-2006).
Ecozon@ : European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment.
Electronic Journal of ... English at the University of Helsinki.
ELM : Estonian Literary Magazine.
English and Cultural Studies Journal (Bryant University).
English Languages : History, Diaspora, Culture, The.
Erfurt Electronic Studies in English.
ESC : English Studies in Canada.
European Journal of Humour Research.
European Journal of Life Writing.
Exquisite Corpse : a journal of life and letters.
Fine Books and Collections.
Glanz and Elend : Magazin fur Literatur und Zeitkritik.
Glossator (history of marginalia).
GRAAT Anglophone Studies.
IJES : International Journal of English Studies.
Interfaces : a journal of medieval European literatures.
[Inter]sections (Undergraduate American Studies).
JHF : the journal of historical fictions.
Journal of the Graduate School of Letters.
Journal of Literature and Science.
Journal of the Short Story in English (2-year paywall).
Journal of Literary Theory.
Journal of Surrealism and the Americas.
Leeds Studies in English.
Links & Letters.
Literature & Aesthetics.
Literature and Belief.
Literary Geographies.
Lore : rhetoric writing culture.
Medieval and Early Modern English Studies.
Mendele Review : ... Yiddish Literature and Yiddish Language.
Mille-Feuille (French literature).
Mise en Abyme.
Moravian Journal of Literature and Film.
Narrative and Conflict.
Narrative Magazine.
Narrative Works.
Neohelicon (via Paperity).
Nineteenth Century Gender Studies.
Nordic Journal of English Studies.
Outlines : Critical Practice Studies.
Partial Answers : journal of literature and the history of ideas.
Points of View.
Postscript : graduate criticism and theory.
Prague Journal of English Studies.
Prose Poem, The.
Ravenna : the British Decadent movement and Italy.
Romantik : Journal for the Study of Romanticisms.
SPELL : Swiss papers in English ....
Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature.
Sydney Studies in English (1975-current).
Text Matters.
Textual Cultures.
This Rough Magic.
Tydskrif vir Letterkunde.
Uni. of Nebraska Studies in Language, Literature ....
with caffeine & careful thought.
Working with English Journal.
Young Scholars in Writing.

Literature : specific authors

Accessus (John Gower and premodern literature).
Anthony Powell Society Newsletter.
Auden Society Newsletter.
Baker Street Journal (Sherlock Holmes character).
Barthes Studies (Roland Barthes).
Blake : an illustrated quarterly.
Brecht Yearbook.
Coleridge Bulletin.
Conradian, The.
Defendant, The (Chesterton).
Digital Defoe.
Eighth Lamp : Ruskin Studies to-day, The.
Etudes Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Rousseau studies).
Eugene O'Neill Newsletter, The.
Excavatio (Emile Zola).
Finest Hour : Journal of the International Churchill Society.
Flaubert Review.
Ghosts & Scholars : M.R. James Newsletter.
Gitanjali & Beyond (Rabindranath Tagore).
Gravesiana (Robert Graves).
Green Leaves : journal of the Barbara Pym Society.
Henry James E-journal.
Hesse Journal (Hermann Hesse).
Hyperborian Review (Robert E. Howard Studies).
In Persuit of Truth (C.S. Lewis journal).
International Lawrence Durrell Society Herald.
International Yeats Studies.
Isherwood Foundation Newsletter.
James Baldwin Review.
James Fenimore Cooper Society papers.
James Jones Journal.
James Joyce Online Notes.
Japan D.H. Lawrence Studies.
Jeffers Studies (Robinson Jeffers).
Journal of Stevenson Studies (Robert Louis Stevenson).
Journal of Tolkien Research.
Journal of the William Morris Society.
Kipling Journal, The (Rudyard Kipling).
Knight Letter, The (Lewis Carroll Soc.).
Lovecraft Studies (1980s only).
Marlowe Soc. Research Journal (2008 onward).
Michaelian, The ('Michael Field').
Milton Review.
Moorings : bulletin of George Moore.
Multicultural Shakespeare.
Newsboy (The Horatio Alger Society).
North Wind : A Journal of George MacDonald Studies.
Orbit : writing around Pynchon.
Orts : The George MacDonald Society Newsletter.
Panace@ (medical writing, metaphors, and translation).
Papers on Joyce.
Peake Studies (Mervyn Peake).
Paul Claudel Papers.
Poe Studies.
Poe Studies Association Newsletter, The.
SBGAS Newsletter (Sabine Baring-Gould).
Shakespeare Institute Review (formerly Mason Croft Review).
Shavings : bulletin for George Bernard Shaw.
Sibyl : journal of Vernon Lee studies, The.
T.E. Lawrence Studies.
Tennessee Williams Studies.
Time Present : Newsletter of the T.S. Eliot Society.
Variaciones Borges (Borges and Borgesian studies).
Walt Whitman Quarterly Review (OA from 2015).
Wellsian, The (H.G. Wells).
Yearbook of Conrad Studies.
Yeats Journal of Korea.

Literature : poetry studies

Literature : small press magazines

Literature : fine printing, book arts, print history

Literature : book reviews

Literature : teaching of writing

Literature : national and regional studies

Acontracorriente : ... Social History and Literature in Latin America.
Annual of Urdu Studies.
Banipal : magazine of modern Arab literature.
BPNN (books of Africa).
Branch (Britain and representation, 1775-1925).
Bulletin of the Int. Assoc. for Robin Hood Studies.
Canadian Poetry.
Colby Quarterly (1943-2003, Maine USA).
Comparison (Greek literature and comparative).
Dissidences : Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism.
Eger : Journal of American Studies.
ESC : English Studies in Canada.
Estudios Irlandeses (Irish literature).
GDR Bulletin (East Germany).
Hispanet journal.
International Journal of Scottish Literature.
Irish Studies South.
Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry.
Journal of Dutch Literature.
JOFIS : ... Franco-Irish Studies.
Journal of the Iran Society.
Journal of the ... Study of Australian Literature.
Kheshbn (Yiddish literary journal).
Korean Literature Today.
Letras Hispanas (Hispanic literature).
Lituanus (Lithuanian literature, 1954-).
Literary Geographies.
Literary Studies in Poland.
Mahfil : Journal of South Asian Literature.
Mendele Review : ... Yiddish Literature and Yiddish Language.
Mester (Hispanic literature).
Modern Greek Studies.
New German Review : A Journal of Germanic Studies.
Otago German Studies.
Palapala: a journal for Hawaiian language and literature.
Polish Journal for American Studies.
Romance eReview.
Spanish and Portuguese Review.
Studies in American Indian Literatures.
Studies in Canadian Literature.
Studies in Scottish Literature (1963-2013).
Tydskrif vir Letterkunde (Afrikaans/English).
Verba Hispana.
Victorian, The.
Weber : the contemporary West.

Literature : in translation

Literature : for children

Literature : SF, fantasy, supernatural

Literature : comics and graphic novels

Film and cinema

After All.
Alphaville : Journal of Film and Screen Media.
Americana : Journal of American Popular Culture.
Animation Studies.
Animation World Magazine.
Apollonian, The.
Baltic Screen Media Review.
CGW : Computer Graphics World.
Cine Qua Non.
CINEJ Cinema Journal.
Cinema Journal (In Focus sections).
Cinema Scope.
CineMontage (Motion Picture Editors Guild).
Cinetext : film and philosophy.
Cine-Tracts (1977-1982)
DOC Online (online journal of documentary cinema).
Documentary Box (making documentaries).
Eternal Sunshine ... : Essays on Religion and Film.
East European Film Bulletin.
East-West Film Journal (1986-1994).
European Children's Film Association Journal.
Experimental Conversations.
Film Criticism (from 2016 onward).
Film Historia.
Film Icon.
Film magazine.
Film Monthly.
Film Music.
Film Philosophy (also here).
Films for the Feminist Classroom.
German Films Quarterly.
Hispanet journal.
Illuminated Lantern (Film Studies).
International Journal of James Bond Studies.
Journal for Religion, Film and Media.
Journal of Medicine and Movies.
Journal of Religion and Film.
Jumpcut (Film Studies).
Kiel Contributions to Film Music Research.
Kino Eye.
Kino Kultura (Film Studies).
MacGuffin (Alfred Hitchcock scholars).
Microfilmmaker magazine.
Midnight Eye : visions of Japanese Cinema.
Moravian Journal of Literature and Film.
Motion Picture Editors Guild Magazine.
Moving Image Source.
POV : Danish Journal of Film Studies.
Red Feather : International Journal of Children in Popular Culture.
Screen Sound.
Screening the Past.
Series : International Journal of TV Serial Narratives.
Vertigo Magazine.

Feminist studies

Black studies

Queer studies

Childhood studies

Disability studies

Eco studies

Future studies


Aesthetic Investigations (philosophical aesthetics).
Agonist : a Nietzsche Circle Journal.
Analecta Hermeneutica.
Analyse & Kritik.
Analecta Hermeneutica.
Archives for the Philosophy and History of Soft Computing.
Asian Journal of Business Ethics (via Paperity).
Astrolabia : international philosophy review.
Atlantis Journal.
Atrium (medical ethics, bioethics).
Australian Journal of Logic.
Baltic ... Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication.
Between the Species : ... philosophy and animals.
Blue Labyrinths.
Caribbean Journal of Philosophy.
Coactivity : Philosophy, Communication.
Comparative Philosophy.
Conscrescence : the Australasian journal of process thought.
Conservative, The.
Continental Philosophy Review (via Paperity).
Conversations : the journal of Cavellian Studies.
Conversations On Philanthropy.
Cosmos and History : ... Natural and Social Philosophy.
Critical Rationalist, The.
Criminal Law and Philosophy (via Paperity).
De Ethica.
e-Journal Philosophie der Psychologie.
Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies.
Ethics and Armed Forces.
Ephemera : theory & politics in organisation.
Erasmus Student Journal of Philosophy.
Esercizi Filosofici.
Essays in Philosophy.
Ergo : Open Access Journal of Philosophy.
Essays in Japanese Philosophy.
Essays in Philosophy.
Ethics and Animals.
Ethics and Armed Forces.
Ethics & Politics.
Etudes Ricoeuriennes / Ricoeur Studies.
European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy.
Evental Aesthetics.
Existenz : ... Philosophy, Religion, Politics, and the Arts.
Film Philosophy.
Filozofski Vestnik.
First Things.
Flusser Studies.
Food Ethics.
Foucault Studies.
History of Ethics.
Hume Studies.
Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology.
Informal Logic.
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (via Paperity).
International Journal of the Platonic Tradition.
International Review of Information Ethics.
Iris : European Journal of Philosophy & Public Debate.
Janus Head.
Journal of Applied Ethics and Philosophy.
Journal of Applied Hermeneutics.
Journal of Business Ethics (via Paperity).
Journal of Ethics, The (via Paperity).
Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy.
Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy.
Journal of Indian Philosophy (via Paperity).
Journal of the Kenneth Burke Society.
Journal of Libertarian Studies (1977-2003).
Journal of Markets and Morality (two issue paywall).
Journal of Modern Wisdom.
Journal of Philosophy and History of Education.
Journal of Philosophy of Life.
Journal of Philosophical Logic (via Paperity).
Journal of Scottish Thought.
Konturen (borders and delimitations).
Law, Ethics and Philosophy.
Law and Philosophy (via Paperity).
Lebenswelt : aesthetics and philosophy of experience.
Le Journal.
Libertarian Papers.
Libertarian Review (1974-1980).
Linacre Quarterly, The (medical ethics).
Logic and Logical Philosophy.
Logos & Episteme.
Macalester Journal of Philosophy.
Mankind Quarterly (1960-2004).
Marxism Today (1957-1991).
Metodo : international studies in phenomenology and philosophy.
Mises Review : review of books (1995-2004).
Modern Age : a conservative review (1957-2003).
Modern Age (current).
NanoEthics (via Paperity).
Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics.
Nordic Wittgenstein Review.
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
Occidental Quarterly, The.
OEconomia : History, Methodology, Philosophy.
OJHE : The Online Journal of Health Ethics.
Organs Everywhere.
P.4.B : Philosophy for Business e-journal.
Paideusis : ... Philosophy of Education.
Partial Answers : journal of literature and the history of ideas.
Philosophia (via Paperity).
Philosophers' Imprint.
Philosophical Age Almanac, The (History of Ideas).
Philosophy in Review.
Philosophy & Technology (via Paperity).
Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly.
Philosophical Studies (via Paperity).
Philosophy and Theory in Biology.
Philosophical Enquiries.
Philosophical Writings (Durham University).
Philosophy for Business.
Plato Journal.
Pli : the Warwick Journal of Philosophy.
Polanyiana (Michael Polanyi).
Praxis : Journal of Philosophy.
Proceedings of The European Society for Aesthetics.
Prolegomena : Journal of Philosophy.
Quest : an African journal of philosophy.
Reason (1968-2005).
Reason Papers.
Reasoner, The.
Res Cogitans.
Research Trends in Humanities Education & Philosophy.
Review of Philosophy and Psychology (via Paperity).
Roundhouse : journal of critical theory and practice.
Salisbury Review, The.
Scorpion, The.
Society of Ancient Greek Philosophy Newsletter.
Southern Journal of Business and Ethics.
Spaces of Utopia.
Studies in East European Thought (via Paperity).
Studies in Philosophy and Education (via Paperity).
Tanner Lectures Series on Human Values.
Teaching Classical Languages.
Techne : Research in Philosophy & Technology.
Theoria and Praxis : ... Interdisciplinary Thought.
Tradition & Discovery : The Polanyi Society Periodical.
University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy Booklet Series.
WAB Working Papers (Wittgenstein).
William James Studies.


Afrikanistik Online.
Annual Review of Education, Communication, and Language Sciences.
Annual of Urdu Studies (1981-1990).
Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming.
Asian and African Languages and Linguistics.
Athens Journal of Philology.
Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies.
Beyond Philology.
Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics.
Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics.
CILLA Papers on Latin American Indigenous Languages.
Communication and Language at Work.
Computational Linguistics.
Coyote Papers : Working Papers in Linguistics.
Dhaka University Journal of Linguistics.
Dotawo : A Journal of Nubian Studies.
English Languages : History, Diaspora, Culture.
Flinders University Languages Group Online Review.
Functional Linguistics.
Glossa : a journal of general linguistics.
Himalayan Linguistics.
Indo-European Linguistics.
International Multilingual Research Journal, The.
Isogloss : variation of Romance and Iberian languages.
Italian Journal of Linguistics.
Journal Celtic Language Learning.
Journal of Greek Linguistics.
Journal of Home Language Research.
Journal of Language Evolution.
Journal of Linguistics and Language Teaching.
Journal of the Pali Text Society.
Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society.
Journal of West African Languages.
Kalbu Studijos / Studies about Languages.
Khulyot : Journal of Yiddish Research.
Language and Law.
Language and Literature.
Language Documentation & Conservation.
Language in India.
Language Learning & Technology.
Language Research Bulletin.
Languages of the Caucasus.
LCMND e-Journal.
Legal Communication & Rhetoric.
Lingua Frankly.
Lingua Romana: ... French, Italian, and Romanian studies.
Linguistica Atlantica (Atlantic Canada).
Linguistica Atlantica (Atlantic Canada) (alt.).
Linguistics in Amsterdam.
Linguistik online.
Lund Working Papers in Linguistics.
Marang : Journal of Language and Literature.
Metaphorik (Study of metaphors).
National Forensic Journal.
Nepalese Linguistics.
Open Linguistics.
OSLA : Oslo Studies in Language.
Novitas Royal : Youth and Language.
Ottowa Papers in Linguistics.
Outside the Box : Tsukuba Multi-Lingual Forum.
Palapala: a journal for Hawaiian language and literature.
Poroi : ... Rhetorical Analysis and Invention.
Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics.
Proceedings of the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota.
Regional Language Studies... Newfoundland.
Regional Language Studies... Newfoundland (alt. URL).
Russian Language Journal.
Saga Book of the Viking Club.
Semantics & Pragmatics.
SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics.
Sino-Platonic Papers (East Asian Languages & Civilizations).
SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics.
SKY : Journal of Lingistics.
Slavia Meridionalis (Slavics).
Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics.
Studia Orientalia Electronica.
Studies About Languages.
Studies in African Linguistics.
Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric.
Teaching Classical Languages.
Tengwestie (Elvish linguistics).
University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics.
Vanderbilt e-Journal of Luso-Hispanic Studies.
Verba Hispana.
Working Papers in Linguistics and Oriental Studies.
Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle.
Working Papers in Romance Languages.
York Papers in Linguistics.

Organisation and conservation of knowledge

Abbey Newsletter (Preservation issues in libraries).
An Leabharlann : The Irish Library.
Archival Practice.
Archive Journal.
Archives and Museum Informatics (via Paperity).
Archival Outlook.
Archival Practice.
Archival Science (via Paperity).
Art Conservator.
Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Bulletin.
Assoc. of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives Bulletins.
B Sides.
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin.
BROMEC : Bulletin of Research on Metal Conservation.
Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship.
Chinese Librarianship.
CIPEG Journal (Ancient Egyptian collections).
College & Research Libraries.
Communications in Information Literacy.
Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage.
Conservar Patrimonio.
Constructing the Past.
East Asian Library Journal (Princeton).
Electronic British Library Journal.
Evidence Based Library and Information Practice.
Faculty of Information Quarterly.
Fontanus : from the collections of McGill University.
Genocide Studies and Prevention.
Getty Conservation Institute newsletters.
Ghana Library Journal.
IFLA Journal.
Information Research.
Information Technology and Libraries.
International Preservation News.
Insights : the UK Serials Group journal.
JAIC : ... American Institute for Conservation.
JEP : Journal of Electronic Publishing.
Jewish Museum Berlin journal. : Italian Journal of Library and Information Science.
Journal of Conservation & Museum Studies.
Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies.
Journal of East Asian Libraries.
Journal of European Periodical Studies.
Journal of Information Literacy.
Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication.
Journal of Library, Archives, and Information Science.
Journal of Library Innovation.
Journal of Museum Studies.
Journal of New Librarianship.
Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults.
Journal of Western Archives.
Judaica Librarianship.
Katharine Sharp Review.
Liber Quarterly.
Library and Information Research.
Library Philosophy and Practice.
Mela Notes : ... Middle East Librarians Association.
Museologica Brunensia (museology in central Europe).
Museological Review.
Museum Anthropology Review.
Museum Archaeologist, The.
Museums Journal.
National Library of Wales journal (1939-2006).
National Preservation Office e-Journal (British Library).
OLA Quarterly (Oregon Library Association).
Papers of the Bibliog. Soc. of Canada (partly open).
Political Librarian, The.
Preservation In Print.
Primary Source, The.
Proceedings of the Conf. for Entrepreneurial Librarians.
Proceedings from the ... Document Academy.
Provenance : ... Society of Georgia Archivists.
Rare Books & Manuscripts Librarianship.
Reading Room : a journal of special collections, The.
Reference & User Services Quarterly.
Science Museum Group Journal.
SIGKDD Explorations.
SLIS Connecting.
Smithsonian Contributions to Museum Conservation.
Smithsonian Preservation Quarterly.
Social History in Museums.
Stedelijk Studies (Museum Studies).
Theological Librarianship.
Trans. of the Int. Soc. for Music Information Retrieval.
University of Melbourne Library Journal (1993-2005).
University of Melbourne Collections (2007-2014).
University Museums and Collections Journal.
Vestiges : Traces of Record.
Victoria & Albert Conservation Journal.
WAML Information Bulletin (map libraries).
Yearbook of the International Society of History Didactics.
Zambia Library Association Journal.

Research in higher education

AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom.
Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education.
Catholic Education : a journal of enquiry and practice.
Charrette (architectural educators).
College & Research Libraries.
Educate : The Journal of Doctoral Research in Education.
European Journal of Higher Arts Education.
Higher Education Outreach and Engagement.
Humanities (National Endowment for the Humanities).
Information Research.
International Journal of Internet Research Ethics.
International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning.
International Journal of Designs for Learning.
Journal of Copyright in Education & Librarianship.
Journal of Educational Controversy.
Journal of Electronic Publishing.
Journal of Learning Spaces.
Journal of Philosophy and History of Education.
Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults.
Journal of Writing Across the Curriculum.
Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association Journal.
New Knowledge Environments.
Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in H.E..
Open Scholarship Initiative Proceedings.
Partnerships : a journal of service learning.
PRISM : A Journal of Regional Engagement.
Publication Ethics in Practice.
Reference & User Services Quarterly.
Research Trends.
Research Trends in Humanities Education & Philosophy.
Qualitative Report, The.
Science Editing.
Science Editor.
Scholarly Editing.
Scholarly and Research Communication.
Survey Methods : insights from the field.
Survey Research Methods.
Taboo : journal of culture and education.
Teaching Classical Languages.
University Bookman, The.
Weave : Journal of Library User Experience.

Digital humanities

Humanities in health, emotions and food

Various : North America

Various : British Isles

Various : Europe

Various : Latin America, Africa, Middle East, India

Various : Asia and the Pacific

Various : Australia and New Zealand

Various : far northern and polar regions

Various : global networks and tourism

Various : general

II Journal.
2001 Group e-journal.
Agathos : International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences.
Australian Humanities Review.
Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.
Bulletin of the John Rylands Library.
COLLeGIUM : studies across disciplines ....
COPAS : Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies.
Crossroads: ... study of history, philosophy, religion, and classics.
CUHK Journal of Humanities (1997-1999).
Cultural Studies Review.
Dædalus : Journal of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.
Explorations : The Texas A&M Undergraduate Journal.
Expositions : interdisciplinary studies in the humanities.
Eye Magazine (on Issuu).
FQS Forum : Qualitative Social Research.
Groundings Ancients.
Harvard Magazine : Humanities.
Historical Studies in Education.
Humanities (NEH).
Humanities (NEH on Issuu).
Humanities Bulletin (Hong Kong, 1991-1998).
Humanities Research.
Humanities Research Group working papers.
Int. Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society (via Paperity).
Issues in Integrative Studies (1982-2003).
Illumination : the Undergraduate Journal of Humanities.
Inkanyiso : Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Inquiry (Univ. of Arkansas).
International Journal of Area Studies.
Inter. Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
InSight : Rivier Academic Journal.
Journal of the Institute for the Humanities.
Journal of the International Institute and the II Journal.
Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference.
Journal of Young Investigators.
Konturen (study of borders of all kinds).
Moebius : ... CalPoly College of Liberal Arts.
Montanan Online (University of Montana).
New Humanist.
Open Library of Humanities.
Phalanx : a quarterly review.
Rackham journal of the arts and humanities.
Said & Done (MIT School of Humanities & Arts journal).
Skepsi : ... European Thought and Theory in Humanities and ....
Stanford Humanities Review.
Studia Humana.
Studies in Arts and Humanities.
Surj : Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal.
Tableau : ... humanities at the University of Chicago.
Transcultural Studies.
Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities.

Odds and ends

                This is a partial listing of English-language journals indexed by the JURN search-engine, now searching over 4,000 ejournals in the arts & humanities. JURN uses article URLs, rather than the front-page URLs used in this directory.
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